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Woolgathering can be recovered from the subconscious mind to recoup.

The daydreaming

Researchers find signals that can tell the brain that have been severely impressed. His brain can recoup or not recouped from the subconscious mind. And signalises that this is the symptoms of revery.

The enquiry squad from Belgium. Tell that the reaction of the brain sent for the Default Network that agree the level of unconscious patients Default Network and this is associated with a daydreaming. Taking over windup of this portion of the brain survives. Shipway to hold it still have a chance a chance

Doctor Steven Lawrence Valley squad leader was used to measure reactions of the brain of patients with 13 patients with cognitive remainders. The patient is conscious, even a bit even. Coma affected roles or patients who move do not move anything at all. But lying dormant. And patients who are diagnosed with brain then.

What was discovered unconscious patients with small brain that reacts to the Default Network drop-run from the brain of a normal person to about 10 % of the nouses of patients with coma Brain map of the drib to more than 35 % of normal in brain dead and can not find any reaction procedure.

This discovery is a way for caring for affected roles with brain trauma that has plenty in the way we measure brain map. Is not quantified by the symptoms of conscious or unconscious patients.

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