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What is UNIX operating system

Unix System Computer equipment as a element of many parts, but there was some dubiousness whether or not you computer. Know how these devices can direct and receive datas and communicate with these devices can read how the touristry Yong will get the figurer equipment. These together to work it must have something to take care of a control, right? Something to control the piece of work of All equipment included in the computing machine is “BONE” (OS) or short, we send for each other that the OCULUS SINISTER (BONE) OS that the individual concerned is not playing. Control the surgery of equipment, but it has a tariff. Orders recorded by the user to translate the instructions to the figurer. We desire to work as a computing machine with current OS. Many systems of many types to select from granting to the demands of individuals or organizations, such as DISK OPERATING SYSTEM (DOS) Windows (WINDOWS) OS II (BONE 2) UNIX (UNIX) etc..

What is UNIX.

One type of UNIX system. The technology is overt (overt scheme) legacy is the construct that users do not have any system attached to one system or device the same steel. In addition, Linux is planned to meet coverings in Characteristics to many substance abusers. At the same time is called multi-user. (Multiusers) and can course multiple jobs at the same time in the expressive style known as multitasking. (Multitasking). more info :, Knowledge Unix System

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