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What is MPEG

What is MPEG MPEG stands for Experts Mathematical group, which MPEG is a group of commissions doing work under the Organisation measure ISO (International Standards Organization) to make a measure for compressing video datas and audio digital (digital datas compressing), which positions a minimal standard. Basis for deciding the sort of bit streams of video and audio floors. And also as how to elaborate the compressed datas. The method of compressing digital audio datas, video and the MPEG standards, it has taken them also. But in practice, companies that do line of work in that or computer programmers who are interested. Able to make algorithmic rules. The compressed digital datas that is different from the MPEG criterion also.

In the current MPEG has developed a standard MPEG Layer3, the algorithm for datas compressing of digital operation. The compressed digital datas at 44.1 Kilohertz frequence can be compressed audio datas to be smaller than the original audio datas up to 12 times with no loss of sound quality whatsoever. The program presently supports MPEG Layer3 the reader can be downloaded from the Cyberspace. more info :, Find What is MPEG, Read What is MPEG

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