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What is DOS operating system?

DOS operating system OS (operating system) is a fundamental element of a software. Operating system is made up of packages that responsible for superintending the versatile computer systems. And coordination of workplace between various resources in the computer system. Both the software and the hardware to be grilled by rights and in effect.

Information processing system micro computing device In general, the operating system stored on a remembering circuit card or disc drive. Which is well known in the name of MS DOS (Microsort Disk Operating System : MS DOS), developed by Microsoft Corporation, plc.. This operating system has been developed ceaselessly. Meet the needs of users and the development of software and hardware software.

The start of the DOS operating system.
Startup of the computer system will lead off mechanically from the set of instructions that is stored. On the remembering of a computer system with read-only called READ ONLY STORAGE (Read Only Memory : READ ONLY STORAGE), these commands are responsible for basic equipment and the operating system holding in the memory or hard disk. Up to the main memory. After this control operation of the computer system are e aura. ATOMIC NUMBER 92 go on the main remembering is made out. Computer programmes in the Department of State operating system is packed. Computer program called program line and lead off the process of a computer system that is loosely known that Kicking (kick) the computer.

The computer boots There are two ways.
1. Cold Boot is turned off with the electrical switch aroused (baron).
2. Worm Boot is going to do this while the reckoner is aroused. If the machine overt (Hank) machine does not do work as we put down into the program line. Uniforms and boots can be done in two ways.
1. Click Reset.
2. Press Ctrl Alt Del keys simultaneously, so release.

Type the program line DOS.
DOS commands are two types.
1. Commands within (Internal Command) is a program line to flow once every time machine is aroused. Because this program line is checked in the main memory board (READ ONLY STORAGE) at any time after iron heel DOS program line is oftentimes habituated regularly, such as CLS, DIR, COPY, REN etc.

2. External commands (External Command) This program line will be stored on disc or DOS commands, these sails will not be stored in remembering. To employ these commands, the computing device will execute a command to the retention If no disk or disc drive in order to employ it can not flow any program line, for instance the program line DATA FORMAT, DISKCOPY, TREE, DELTREE etc. more info :, Computer DOS operating system, Computer DOS operating system, Information DOS operating system, Computer DOS operating system

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