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The search for happiness in a crisis

Happiness in a Crisis

When we went to buy cosmetics. Gizmos mobile figurer. Or even food. We frequently carry the manual with It allows us to use so that it properly and cost efficient.
But spirit is strange . No label or manual confiscated. Of spirit often depends on trial and error. Learning and so on. It goes what is called experience or expertness. The more that passes, peoples will be standing through the many savors in a different by.

Interview with Maha Wachira Wutthichai Methi the thinker to write a pursuit. There are no answers. But it may help set off meat to someone many. Individual who was going astray in the fellowship of sorrowfulness. Free from problems. With a unsubdivided meditation and happiness. Just try to take to apply.

The search for happiness in mind in mind

At the same time know that most people stock still handle about their physical health than mental. The people are happy with the object than it shows that Country that has not modernised if the great unwasheds are deployed. Work already People will be happy intellect.

Happiness is the target. Animal pleasure. From the centers, ears, nose , tongue , body and mind has been filled. Just as happy exterior. For a instant But true happiness, it has more profound significations, such as the pleasance of the intellectual study of what knowledge itself is a oddity and interest , it is a pleasure. Or the pleasance of orison consecrated to developing himself to helping others. Or consecrated to serving human race.

It is recommended that all. Instruct happiness than it is today. If we alter the image or idea of the people to know that happiness is a ontogenesis phase most people are seeking means to enjoy the glinting high up mechanically. Unfortunately , the Central Thai educational activity system does not learn a man to have a good education teaches peoples to learn Central Thai to make a living. Consequently, when making a aliveness is not is not It will be made for the karma. It has become a disorderly great deal. Unknown, the search for happiness or true happiness is not got hold once .

I think if everyone is happy, and happiness of society is found in the state. I have two parts to educational activity and learning .

The first degree is learnt to children and youth have degree two. Is a professional degree. Is honest bread and butter. Sprightliness and grade courses. He taught to be in the midst of hurt, which will mirthfully help. He desires to deal effectively . Second grade if he goes away to become qualified. They know themselves that Sprightliness does not stop at exactly the possession of the object. But there is zip more than that. The target is less But more happy in my heart.

Degree two is to instruct the Buddhist isms. Buddhism is a religion of Department of Education. Rules of discipline we called Aernsiukhr 3 is the sacrament of the mental focus is the behavior and intelligence operation is knowledge . Thoroughgoing understanding of the world the world Thence serves. In Buddhism it is the physical process of examining all If you want to change yourself or change anything. Buddhism can help you with the best and deepest. Where not to find happiness. It‘s good to have in your mind in your mind

Exempt standing in mind in mind

I articulate that hurt is impermanent Occur, it was turned off. Many peoples are standing at the opinion that they were more like the end of any hope. In fact, both. Not knowing that the standing it will find, one will stay off to myself. Do not sit or standing‘s life itself off. If everyone understands that such hurt. It is a transitory beingness and fire went on, we would not have to sit and sink hurt and instruct to campaign on. Yom was conducted we have to think that I came empty handed To provide a set of clotheses when we left , we give up the ghost in any event, it stays on profitable. Do not be afraid to standing.

But to comprehend the hurt is. Seasons of life. Wise when the rainy season in summertime and winter will not go themselves off season. But instruct to inhabit among the seasons of life . By cautiously adjusting the antics and gathered samples.

Learn to manage with hurt and let go because every time we face the critical level . Then we won . We have experience is always free . At long last, we will be for those who are very happy with the crisis. Crisis and to give thanks diverse The past come up That is critical because it knew that. Teach us to learn to campaign nobly in the world.

The Buddha has articulated that Who face spirit with the wisdom that is splendiferous. Intellect spirit is. The best life . All theoretical accounts should be peoples with intellectual life . If our noetic life . We are going to have the best. Still, most people living with a greedy spate to find the money to work mad . Run to determine the pyrosis Final struggle for a good time destroying themselves in pursual of spirit thousands of objects. Prior to disclose later that the actual search. Find out your property. I would too want to give up the ghost, do not know any. Peoples today are not happy. Because life living under the potentate‘s unbalanced craving struck.

This is the best solution best solution We must turn to spirit with wit . That his limitless avarice. If we go by greed. We would go bad first . Ire that pass to fury If we are always angry. One day we will be decimated and produced for themselves and others. Because every time the light sources will burn anything. Fire will always burn yourself. If I knew that free fall is sending defective. We are in a rushing to take away itself with the cerebral life .

If we have problems because it is like we have the third eye. Unlike the average person has simply two centers that do outlive do not outlive the troubled some, but do some good if we have the third eye is the wisdom center thus moves took us to find only the full things in life .

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