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Technology saving and Earth

In an era where energy is precious and scarce at certain times because of the demand for both households and industry are increasingly based on the expansion of the economy, the awareness about energy savings have been talking about. widely Innovation and technology have begun to play a role as an aid in saving more energy. And was talking very much in the present, it is Eco Light Technology is an innovative energy-effective lighting became widespread and have been used in industry and business, more and more teachers Kodchakorn century mystical consultant for the design and said the architecture of the past speaking to green innovations. Is how to save and spend as little as possible. But today need to think beyond that. Need to think in terms of systems. The use of the more than 1 million people to. As the design specifications to be written in a way that will save the house from small to large projects. Which is designed to save. Designers need to look into the nature and use of natural light in a most promising first. If it’s not enough to choose the right technology. Because innovation is the introduction of technology, combined with design, technology, Eco Light current interest is energy saving lamps LED and OLED, which designers abroad and applied in business and industry for about 5 years now. LED lamps. Helps reduce electricity costs by up 15-70% since the owner can pay for itself in less than 5 years in LED bulbs. Plastic fluorescent nano-like film that is transparent to light of various colors can be bent according to the required format is ideal for decorating buildings and places teachers Kodchakorn said that in the past, if it comes to light bulbs. Fluorescent lamps are also reminded of photoluminescence. Then came a thin tube to tube LED which is currently 2-3 on the year before the introduction of the project switched to LED bulbs. Is difficult. Due to the high price. But the prices are down by a rising demand. The project was given the number that you want to use LED bulbs. Because the heat coming out of the tube very small. Reduce the use of air power. And lifetime up to 11 years, or one hundred hours “using LED bulbs in addition to assist with energy-efficient. Also help create an atmosphere in the workplace. Today, global organizations like Google turned to focus on lighting. Design more. In Thailand, it is in a period of transition with many organizations and many buildings, switching to LED bulbs. Including the construction of new buildings on the Square shopping center one day or Sqn was designed to use LED lamps in the Island Escape. Or the government had a plan to change the bulb LED as the government center facilities or in the highways of the Highway Department had the policy changed the bulb LED the streets since two years. ago. And current projects and new housing was used as well. The house has to be used. It has some manufacturers made tubes LED for housing are available “for the bulb in the LED current in Thailand is only used in commercial projects and buildings no. residential use. Rounded tube shape can be adapted for use in design work in a place where there are restrictions. Or beauty. If you want to use must be made of the manufacturer. No place in the market. And the price is also high. But in the future if it gets more and more popular. Believe it to be inevitable. However at the end of this year will feature performances and innovative lighting technology for operators in the region and is the first title in EcoLightTech Asia 2013 in Thailand during 13-15 Nov 2013 at the convention center. National Sirikit. Which is a partnership between the public and private sectors of Thailand. The event will feature exhibits and innovative products to meet the energy efficiency of the lighting manufacturers, both domestic and international.

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