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Software, computer software and Computer languages

Computer Languages If men want to apply computer-aided oeuvre. Adult male must be told that the computer algorithmic rule known. That tells the computer to realise what human perception. And working by rights. Postulated a mediator. If compared with everyday life then. We have applied linguistic communication to intercommunicate with each other. Likewise, if peoples want to convey to the computer to recognize and stick to. Must have a medium for communication to the computer to recognize We send for this medium that the computer language.

Because the computer is working with the electric signal. Interprets a number between 0 and 1 was a computer designed to apply a number between 0 and 1 or else of the computer code in order to operate a computer. Code or else of informations and commands by using the binary number system this Computer can understand. We send for binary that compose the set of instructions and computer commands that the machine language.

Applying this machine, even if the computer will understand immediately. Nonetheless, human users will have much trouble. It is hard to understand and commemorate. Is there a computer language in a varsity letter. A textual matter prison term. Linguistic communication in that mode is called. High level computer language. There are many high-level language. Some languages are more suited to the command of math and science. Linguistic communication appropriate to the execution of informations management.

In the computer. The computer will transform into machine language story. Consequently, the ontogenesis of software program for transformation into machine language story. Computer programs that transform high-level language into machine called a compiling program (compiling program), or interface to pre-router. (Interpreter).

The compiling program will transform programmes written in high degree linguistic communication computer program into machine language equally before. Then the computer to work with the machine language.

The user interface to pre-router will interpret each statement Then the computer to follow the ordering. When ended, it will transform to the next statement sequence. The difference between the compiling program to pre user interface router is in the interpretation and transformation computer program or single instruction. Interpreter known as the basic translation. COBOL compiling programs.

Package or programme is vital to contain the computer, follow the conception of pre-defined. The computer must run the computer program only Can not work otherwise those defined in the program. more info :, What is Computer Languages, What is Computer Languages, Review Computer Languages, Knowledge Computer Languages

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