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Phases of growing of computer-assisted direction programme.

Development of computer Stages of growth of computer-assisted direction programme.
Separated into eight stages.

Sequence of 1,2 and 3 sets of characteristics and functionality of the application form. Computer-assisted direction is the responsibility of an pedagog or teacher because knowledge. On class to teach psychological science of teaching methods and evaluating the sequence of steps 4,5 and 6 is to make and examine and improve information processing system assisted program line is a subprogram of computer scientists. Or programmers who are able And experience in programming and calculator equipment with. Efficiently For stages 7 and 8 as used to didactics and encyclopedism. And evaluate. During this coordination between pedagogues and computer scientists. It is related the design and programming. For valuation in order to determine the net stair that Computer assisted program line in how growth should be utilized in didactics or not.

Study because there are at once interested in learning and development. more info :, Review Development of computer, Information Development of computer

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