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Do you know e-mail working on the internet

E-mail Peoples who use e mail of more than 20 million peoples around the world on the Net. Many peoples may question whether these letter of the alphabet for the itinerary to the address aright how Why the Net has extended as never end. And utilize the meshwork continues to spread chop chop increasing practically more.

Known to the mailbox (mailbox).

Before you know e-mail should come to know my own mailbox, or mbox mailbox before the mailbox of their own. When the user has a name or Yu Service Used on Main is related to the Net. Letter box will take in mechanically. This mailbox is stored on the sender’s subject matter to us. Thence when we started to utilize any prison term. It will open a mailbox that the post stored in the mailbox or not. Letter can be found oneself. When finished seeing will be from the mailbox or go forth it first prison term. Letter box is really a virtual mailbox that stores contents on the motorcar. And private souls only.

Usually when we are using the Net we can cite the speech of a reference book on the Net. We can set this epithet as the e-mail speech The name has two portions : the social movement and the @ @ behind the front entails the mailbox. This can be considered as a mailbox. This user is a user owns. The machine that mailbox shop will have a estimator. Therein case, it is the part after the @ is nwg. nectec. or. th.

What is your savoir faire.

When you get as a member of the Net. One thing you get is the user name on the primary machine at any one of the main machine, you are a user. Is as if you are on the main savoir faire is located on the Net. The Internet speech of the motorcar are specified using a domain name like nontri. ku. ac. th. Mean machine on the electronic network nontri ku. ac. Atomic number 90 which means the electronic network of the university as a scholarly person in Thailand For example, if a user has a password b38bmx it means that you have to address. The name is a name that reference books all over the world. Every point on the Net can send information to the path. For sure.
Therefore, the savoir faire has been thence meanspirited to a user on the motorcar on the Internet. This name is a character reference. Printing company identity card for others to contact it is possible All intimately and thorough reference on the Net.

Direct and experience mail between the protocol SMTP.

The Net protocol TCP IP based communication between the TCP IP is laid for transmission of informations between different formattings to send and experience mail (electronic mail) is the SMTP SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP was designed. to direct and experience mail with each other mechanically and that is the main map you will have a programme to send and experience mail. Working as a demigod process. (The work is parted Lok Ground process is feeding all the time) to carry out programmes to send and experience mail, such as smail or sendmail map to direct post waitressing. If you direct email. I will contact the goal but too can not I will hold that letter before. Hold off a couple of hours, it will again. Repeat until you direct a direct CMP. If you have not sent in three days will be returned to possessor And to tell the grounds for not broadcasting.
SMTP protocol is the main protocol for transferring e mail, standard on the Net. Therefore, if the other electronic network. Such as Microsoft Network, is aired by msmail msmail programme has its own protocols. To pass through the Internet must be converted into a first itinerary in the SMTP protocol change is called SMTP gateway.

Mail on the Net to find out a way how.

E mail to the savoir faire of the mbox is only an mortal’s epithet on the primary machine. In the routing hierarchy is specified in and of itself by epithet The route from. Atomic number 90 mentions to Thailand. Actinium ku means the establishment is the University of Husbandry, Section of Computer Engineering cpe cc2 is a electronic computer’s main department is s38bmx local mbox cc2.
Theorise that there is a alphabetic character aired from America to come s38bmx@cc2.cpe.ku. Ac. th ab initio be aired through a gateway into Thailand, which came from uunet when visiting Thailand would find out a domain name provider, which ac. . Atomic number 90 at Chulalongkorn University. Apply it to find out a way to ku. ac. Atomic number 90 which Kasetsart University. Then ask for a domain name service units. At Kasetsart University. Which kept the motorcar nontri nontri motorcar to machine cc2. cpe itinerary after it is complete route from ancestry to cc2. cpe.

Can regard that on the Net have a centre of determining the positioning of the machine with service domain name called DNS (Domain Name Service) service units will be constructed to supply placement of the machine on the land they observed. Kept by a machine, such as alternating electric current. th chukn ku. ac. Atomic number 90 observed by the machine nontri the call is a method called hierarchal. Not hard to settle.

The importance of mail customers, applications.

To furnish users with easier to use. Has developed programmes such as mail customers, send and experience mail on a DOS programme on Windows. These programmes will help users work more easily, such as pine programme for Windows. Programme Class Net guests, many companies have developed. The highlight is a programme that is connected with the main PC. And direct mail services. By relating with your own mail box.
E mail is a real important role and one of the applications on the Net. All users will at least have their own mail box. To direct and experience contents between them. When the number of users increased communication via e mail, it will be more. And promise in the future world population will be using electronic networks. The lone communication with e mail. Alternatively of a alphabetic character had to the peoples. Several peoples called snail mail. Or lowtech mail. more info :, internet E-mail , internet E-mail

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