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DataBase Management for Computer

DataBase Management In the management database. Many computer programs. Convenience. To access the selective information. And stored in different languages such as Pascal, C language, but STAPLE computer program. That is accepted and widely used software package is a set of FoxPro database management programs are effective.
To manage with high database. The programme can Operates in the interface and can be used at once to users. Developed by the substance abuser itself. The tools of writing. Program itself. This allows for easier application development.

Setup Application.
Because of the FoxPro software package is a large program and is available in both systems on DOS and on Windows, but for a beginner computer programmer should be chosen on a set of FoxPro DOS program to analyze the various commands to sympathize as much as possible. For DOS on the FoxPro software package is available in several rendering but the rendering that is widely used in the current rendering 2.6 for DOS or known in the name of sub-directory FPD26 which to install the package. If any lector CD ROM is easy. By the CD ROM with a suite Foxpro (or FPD26) and install it into the auto. The programme will set up the data files needed to complete the package. This will ordinarily create sub-directory FPD26 up mechanically. Shall complete the initiation.

How to Use.
To use the FoxPro software package, users must have noesis of database management programs such as dBASE or FoxBase ahead, or if no such prior noesis. I necessitate to study whether self-study. Or instruct from any educational institutions because of the FoxPro software package is used throughout the world. Master’s program is in English.
So if a user needs to store the information to English. To find computer programs in Thai Resident Program is to set up before employing FoxPro software package by investigating the following set of commands.
cd fpd26.
C : FPD26) thai.
C : FPD26) fox.
After that, then. Able to watch all the packages Foxpro.

Make Structure.
To create a data file bodily structure database. Start by employing the commands in the instruction frame. By typing the following instruction.
create .
in the fields of study of the database computer file name. Say that a bookman can refer the file instruction is create bookman.
Then able to mold points about the file bodily structure such a database.

– The name of the airfield (Field name).
– Type of datas (Type).
– Width (Width).
– Number of denary blank spaces, etc. (Decimal).

When the complete social structure of the database data file. Can be saved by urging the following.
Ctrl W or Ctrl End.
Anatomical structure of the database data file. Is stored in a file and the type of bookman is a dbf file mechanically.

Append and Edit.
Add and redact datas. Of information is stored in the database data files. The first to open the file firstly. By employing the following instruction.
Employment bookman.
After adding the data. This opens up a new record to have more information in the database data file using the instruction.
If you desire to redact surviving datas in the data file, then. It is no more datas to the database data file can use the instruction.
To better datas accuracy. And create data files more consummate datas base.

elete Recall and Report.
For information on any database file, each record is regarded as one item if the listing does not desire to appear in the database file. Can expose the concealed by Command wont to expose the following hiding.
The usage of this instruction, the token will be marked in front of the hidden record, but if you do not desire that item in the database file in the least. Can use the instruction.
Items with a hidden mark will be removed from the file. And other items will be a new kind of record is less than the original.
Then again, while the mark that shows the obliterated. To veil the marks melt. To show that item as the same can be done by the instruction.
Items that are marked as obliterated. Will be terminated immediately veil. And to show the datas down to the list. Program lines that expose information most well.
Listing or display.
If you desire to redact with. While the datas showing that Can be done by.
When the show. Browse and blue pencil the datas must be done to save your changes by pressing Ctrl W or Ctrl End.

Highlights of the program is the type of database management. Quick approach to information by package foxPro indicator must be determined first with instruction.
– Index on to .
By that.

– An expression which admits. Same subject area. Or a compounding of several flying fields in the area employing the compounding.
– is the epithet of the file you want to refer the indicator file. This is the type of file is mechanically idx.

When used in conjunction with the need to spread out the database file. Take over that the indicator computer file name, the instruction is stdcode.
– Index on code to stdcode.
To use it. Must be activated in conjunction with the database files such as.
– Use bookman forefinger stdcode.
Or you can use other types.
– Use bookman.
– Set forefinger to stdcode.

After making the forefinger file to the database. Database will be looked for easy and quickly by using the following instruction.
– Find .
The specific character expc FoxPro will find the first record that agrees the fixed character is like.
– Find A32014.
When looking for for mine. Data can be displayed by the instruction.
– List
– Display
– Browse
If the character does not specify the database file. Device is reported as Not Found.

At the terminal of the FoxPro software package then work can be inactivated by typing. Statement within the instruction that.
– Quit.
Machine out of the package to FoxPro DOS Prompt same. more info :, What is DataBase Management

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