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Basic knowledge about the Cyberspace.

Basic Internet Inter network is a large computer network that relates figurers around. World with an Net user can intercommunicate to each other within a completely Fast saves significant resources and the Net is a great library or The library world at all. Peoples to information, noesis and research without having to travel to the source of that knowledge.

Benefits of the Net are not bad summary.
1 Pedagogy (Education Tele) for those who survive far from the beginning Ja field of study or who are concerned in recruiting in a different Countries such as USA, Singapore, Britain etc. can take over the Net, which we call distance education has become a novel option in education at all storeys of education via the Internet, which today are Subject field fundamental interaction (Interactive) can learn by yourself saves time and money.
2 home page with an advertising ad a product or commercial enterprise on the Net company or department stores that do business on the Net router to make the ground of their home and then deposited on The cut rate sale and employment of Net services over the Internet a lot.
Finance electronics business (VITAMIN E – Money) for selling your products or services over the Internet will be paid or the payment. Production or service or the vendee’s credit card. But be careful about decrypting credit card owner to replace them.
3 the security of Net communications to aid in search. And criminal history databases together to send datas such as history. Cross-national crimes etc.
4 business (VITAMIN E – Commerce), especially Net business was entered to keen chase.
Banking 4.1 (E – Banking) Banking concern has made online network that allows for balance researches and transfers. Money rapidly with communication and information on the web page of every bank.
4.2 Home to ad is promoting a product or commercial enterprise on the Net company or department stores that do business on the Net router to make the ground of their home and then deposited on The cut rate sale and employment of Net services over the Internet a lot.
4.3 The financial business of electronic (VITAMIN E – Money) for selling your products or services over the Internet will be paid or the payment. Production or service or the vendee’s credit card. But be careful about credit card to decrypt the identity card instead of their several possessors.
5 Communication theory via the Internet as a basic benefit incurred from the network . Net electronic mail address is (VITAMIN E – mail : Electronic Mail) or e mail quick and easy savings as well as to speak. Talking like a neighbouring.
6 television conferencing (Tele Conference) is a forum of masses who are far away in different posts through a system of telecommunications That communicate both voice and textual matter at the same time.

Net threats.
Everyone will not deny that whatever benefits there will be a penalty in itself.” Human social club, overly, would have both good and bad mixed to the Net can be considered. Human social club is one of the passing off of an endeavor to intercommunicate human technology-based Net. Mediation, kind of than words, Tata etc, but the Net is a social club of peoples throughout the world without borders. (Globalization).
Caste division would not be uncommon to have bad things that are a peril steal Panel is as well very bad ones, including those crimes, among other things (a high-tech) is based internet panel Backpacks and living on the distress of others offer a position about the Net to appeal negative lessons for Hrn Thani. Net addresses will have to play guard and not fall victim to these high tech stealer.
Many peoples may know that the Net is the temptation to carnal personal manner as in the adult. Although no negative upshots related to us flat. But the indirect upshot, especially with children as our children have to acknowledge that more than 50 % of men who set about using the Net for the first time often to voyage pages with pics naked smut different. In case of a machine at home with their children are instructing and the development of a computer, it might go to those sites without knowing it because of software or programme. Used to breakers the web will be filed away on the number of land sites (URL – that is) to facilitate access to the land site over again to continue.
The number at this address can be called back up is simply the children may be unaware to call in, you’ll be taken to the land site immediately and may be back to see iterated in the subsequent, if parents brush aside a long time into these simulacrums. This is thought to instill in their children may be uttered by the Inter doings with the opposite gender. A fashion as to be in the wrong and I decided to go to the criminal offense when you grow up disaster category This disadvantage has happened indirectly by Will be carried by the children, the children and their families.

The Net is coming.
Most computer systems are separate, each worked independently with a computer system is located. Close together will be able to communicate with low-speed problems and obstacles in the in the Communication between a computing machine and desire to change the information the information Different messages pissing. RIGHT ASCENSION took the labor electronic network (ARPANET).
Maintain cattles arch in the last take control of RIGHT ASCENSION Take (Advanced Research Projects Agency, or ray), the units of measurement under the Ministry of Defence reaction of the United States took a page RIGHT ASCENSION. Support basic research and science and engineering science. By funding government agencies such as universities and private companies, research and development in 1969.
R. Co conserve the last take was initiated by connecting the computer during the four institutions of the University of California Los Angeles University of California, Santa. Barbara, Utah State University and Institute for Stan Ford, which Computer Institute, this is all of 4 different figurers and different operating systems.
To research and to bring Net network R has been very popular university authorities. Diverse public and private sectors in the United States have joined the network connexion for the purpose of this study.

The name on the Net rather.
A direct Internet connection (Direct Internet Access) to connect to the Net directly, the user must have a computer network. Linked up to the principal network or the back-bone (Backbone) must have equipment that serves as Kate Way to connect the institutions that allow government agencies to use a network plowshare. Or those who supply Net services flat to an Internet connection Internet connection Connexion at all times to check the cost to set up mellow. But the advantage is to get – it can send information flat to the – to send information faster and more reliable.
2 connexions via phone and modem (Access Dial – up) Internet connection to use this type of phone line applied at home or at Common projects will be to connect a computer device. Computer network utilising a device sent for a modem codec on the computer linked to the computer network. That provide services such as ISP, and then the computer can use the Net as the connection. The advantage of direct access to this type of connectedness costs will be cheaper to access to access Straight due to the average cost of telephone line rental to foreign countries.

www (World Wide Web).
In the first few months of service information is sent to each other on the Telnet communications protocol and FTP (file transfer protocol) to send data files to share in the year ADVERTIZING 1991 Tim Berners – Lee side programmers working in Institute of Physics, CERN, the European science laboratory that Switzerland loves a country develops. Program to use the Net more easily and allows exploiters to create Documents on the Net that call. Web pages that can be linked to concerned documents are linked documents called hyperlinks.
Users can yoke one written document to another written document in a computer. The same machine or different machines in different areas together to promptly network . Networks of these documents in conjunction with related technologies to deliver this information. Greeted by the world on the Net. General Wide Web (WEB) or W3 or Web and computer services, called Web site (Web Site).

Web page (Web page) is a hypertext written document Texas House or Hyper Hyper Media is a media mix of various media applied in the data link may be in the form of textual matter, pictures, animated graphics experimental condition. Or sound to create a Web page. Can utilise Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML oral communication, which consists of a set of educational activities, sent for tags. more info :, Basic Internet, Study Basic Internet

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