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About the video conference is an important for the future

video conference Conditions in the area currently has several major problems that will want to fasten the traffic problem in large cities. Transportation consequences are a great problem, and uprising each Clarence Day. When they forgather each other side to ask whether the travel time, how are you. The time to go, therefore, mobile communications, specially in Kingdom of Thailand sell well.

For a critical and time is cute. Senior management demands to travel rapidly the meeting to figure out problems. Conference career is something that many companies would pay attention to apply.

Even in establishments of seeing. It universities, such as the importance of pedagogy and scholarship. Many establishments have problems with teacher dearths engineering science experts is to bring to solving the trouble.

Information communication engineering science enables the images, goes quickly. Especially the video conferencing Lawrence. An of import engineering science to be talked about. Are likely to be solving these problems very well.

Icon processing, video step by step developed into a major.

Broadcast video or television with more than fifty yrs ago. Ontogenesis of the programme commence sending black and white. Later, the coloring material sign, but when utilized with growing in d computer. Signal processing, it began to shift from parallel to digital. Reckon the video image size is 625 production lines to be directed not less than 25 chassises per second. To alter the video signal and parallel to digital will call for to use digital spectrum to 90 million bits per second. To send digital informations is a 90 megabit per 2d, so it’s not easy. Communication network because most low-speed data network signal.

Technical side of digital sign processing. And digital communication must be utilized in the United States have been doing a T1 communications protocol, which started out from the smallest is 56 kbs per second. But the European CCITT touchstone that the schemes were commenced E1 is the smallest and 1E1 with 64 kbps speed of the sign was 32 channels of 64 Kb is 2048 kbs per second.

At the same time standard. ISDN-Integrated Service Data Network, which positioned the base of system integration divine services to network switch, such as telephony, facsimile machine and still video sending for, high fastness informations transmission system. Has developed on the base of a standard 2B D is the audio channels, 64 kbps 2-channel and 16 kbps for one of the broad band at a minimum of ISDN is 128 kbps 16 kbps video conferencing will be. Purposes to bring down the band width of the sign down to size will be sent in ISDN can conceive of that we must bring down the broad band of TV signals a 90 million bits per second to 128 kbs per 2d persisting. After that it’s rattling challenging.

Digital sign processing and mathematical techniques. Fused with advancements in silicon chip fabrication or high velocity ULSI work. The speedy growth and procession until today to produce micro chips that run the algorithmic rule to more complex systems and video conferencing Lawrence was a reality.

The key to video conferencing as cattles posts in the Children (Codec).

Codec is an abbreviation from the Computer code and Decode encoding and decrypting of image informations with a number of lines 625 lines 25 chassises per second (in case of signal SIDEKICK) when converted to a digital sign will have to shift back to pels, or back breakers. The trouble was that the pels are a lot better standard CCITT H. 261 touchstone, which is significant in the encoding. The number of lines each line habituating a 288 352 picture element resolution means a resolution adequate to 352×288 picture element display format is called the Common Intermediate format and resolution to let a one in four. Is to bring down the number of lines persisting 144 lines and 176 pels, or pels, depending on the size of the screen. If the little screen of pels is reduced to.

When the number of pels down the ikon resolution is reduced by a step down to just exhibit 10-15 frames per second rate, these will shake the ikon flashing. It is therefore necessary to utilize mathematical method actings. Help in using principles of estimate and to make an ikon slide Theories about the causal agency and chronological sequence of more realistic as the original.

Significant is the rationale of image compression. The contracted simulacrum informations to bring down the size of ikon informations significantly. But to do immediate uploads to no holdup. This outgrowth is a agency of both the initial processing. And processing of compensation to be. The fundamental rationale is to compare two images adjacent to each frame. Split the difference then the differences are encoded and directed. Fragments of two different consecutive skeletons this To melt off the size of the ikon informations to be very It is an animated video. Is the difference of simulacrum informations in two adjacent chassises is not very Telecasting conferencing, and Lawrence was not a picture redaction multiple camera Neu. Creating outgrowth by way of distinction. Therefore, it is appropriate. MICROCHIP was made to carry out particularly for fast encryption.

Signal processing proficiency with many mathematical principles such as values of average intensiveness of several pels. The reckoners for the compensation that may be viewed as animated composition move to continuous improvement.

Too in the sound sign is contracted. Normal audio recording sent in phone sign one duct audio rate trying out 2 times the broad band signal broad band sign 4 khz gibes so the rate of trying out 8 kilocycle electric switches wont to convert parallel to digital 8. So a little channels, the duct isthmus width of 64 kbps contracted audio There are several techniques such as ADPCM (Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation) compressing of some type such as The cell sign to melt off broad band noise step down of up to about 8 sentences.

Transporting video conferencing Lawrence is a two way fundamental interactions. Hence there will be many reflexions occur. Musings had by the feedback signal to the sound from the verbalizers as feedback into the microphone to and fro. Words that we picked up grizzling in the conference room. Therefore, the sign processing will be called special. Removal of the repeat (Echo Concellation).

Telecasting conferencing infrastructure.

Telecasting conferencing habituated currently have a kind of formats and multiple techniques. Telecasting conferencing general principles that will have to melt off the size and noise is kept to a few contrasts and send the signal band width is not overmuch. Video conferencing Lawrence general body structure as shown in Figure 1.

Communication channels applying two way line. (See full duplex apartment) with a speed limit The encryption device called an of import cattles children. Encoder sign is directed to.

The device consists of a video conferencing system includes Lawrence.
1. To the scope to correct the photographic camera soar.
2. Monitor broke screen view of any one address.
3. Electronic communication system control, sound, ikon control and power supplying interface.
4. Keys to control the remote control to the other ending to one English.
Telescope. A Tv camera wont to capture simulacrums. Servosystem organization. To control the remote to correct the elevation angle Amuamugam the left and right and zoom Tv camera may be utilized severally from the system loader to put a clear scene simulacrums.
Monitor is a monitor with a SIDEKICK or NTSC video that appears to disunite the sign commingled with the blind is a little screen for each address or simulacrum of themselves. Monitor system may be expanded to cs of ins large screen sentence.
Electronic devices. Is fit with levelheaded management. Icon management and communication systems. Including children in the cattles contracted video signal and supplying power supplying. These electronic devices are ofttimes positioned on a 19-inch Rack floor.
Board panel is utilized for the control system, such as holding the camera angle take a destination remote communication destination fine tuning versatile communication systems.

Standards are necessary.

Video conferencing Lawrence. A communications system connected to the organization. Hence measures are necessary, other than the exercise of foreign steel products can not be utilized together the least bit.

Video conferencing Lawrence primeval And the existing system on the computer. Most of the Company organization. (Proprictary), such as when utilized on a Sun server workstations will use the Sun motorcar. If utilized with the graphics characteristics will just be utilized therein motorcar group.

Significant criterion in the CCITT measures, which are divided into groups of fundamental parameters.

HA 261 is a standard computer code that children with the speed of communication and if the size Nx64 kbps full E1 (2048) will have the total motion picture show is a standard H. 261 compressing processing on the computer code that lets children to connect the intersection. Blade occur.

HA 221 is a touchstone on the frame. To provide items about making images for each frame.

HA 230 signing is wont to control the transmission and reception between cattles children.

HA 242 is a protocol for communication between co children. To associate and intercommunicate with each other.

HA 230 is a touchstone to determine particulars of equipment used in video conferencing Lawrence.

HA 233 is a standard encoding for the DUE NORTH scripts steep side and a full script. Fix about sending video and voice network.

HA 231 and HA 243 measures for video conferencing work schedule Lawrence multiple sets of changing the duct and time in multi-duplex multi-channel signal.

HA 261 is a system that may be added by the engineering science meliorated enough to send high definition video.

These standards also is new. Is still under development, and deployment. There is also a touchstone for simulacrums that are wide utilized in JPEG and MPEG is a computing machine that will melt off the size of the ikon into smaller data files for storage.

Application of video conferencing Lawrence.

National Team. A distribution company with agencies in several areas or companies with executives working generally distribution. To the meeting would have to come together sentence traveling Pay for disbursals Telecasting conferencing Lawrence creates group meetings happen. The schedule confluences without travel time.

The writer had the opportunity to place the video conferencing system, Lawrence. To pedagogy and scholarship. By associating the schoolroom to 300 peoples from three rooms and Kamphaeng Saen Campus, Bangkok via microwave Describing various someplace there is a class instructed by a remote share. Shuffle pedagogy effective. Creates effective pedagogy and scholarship and teachers do not have to journey between campuses. Video conferencing Lawrence is a system that is suitable for application in distance scholarship. The budget. Enhance operation.
The hereafter of video conferencing Lawrence.

Telecasting conferencing is an expensive device. Prachuap with high velocity communication channels utilized in Kingdom of Thailand as a sign by satellite. High bandwidth rented assembly line is expensive. Telecasting conferencing must be utilized with a high precedence to cost-benefit.

However, the development of video conferencing in Lawrence today to create chip shots. Oxen children Minimization down, 64 kbps, but cattles damages have children HA 261 criterion, therefore, expensive video conferencing as Lawrence expensive.

Spotlight is a great thing. There is currently working on a silicon chip VCSI video and cattles have good children. Are likely to be down. So promise video conferencing system, Lawrence will have damages practically more.

Children have a PC card computer code gone forth in accordance with HA 261. Using LAN-based communications channels. Icon links with one box of 64 kbps or more identity cards video conferencing Lawrence H. 261 touchstone is an interesting thing to make the PC as a video conferencing Lawrence at lower Mary Leontyne Price. Oxen on a PC card now children. If the purchase price would come to about 200 thousand baht per identity card In the near hereafter, a child on a PC identity card computer code will have to melt off damages by more. And believe that video conferencing St Lawrence PC on LOCAL AREA NETWORK will be cheaper and have been wide usable.

All expectations are likely to be specially straight. Promise presently we will set out to view video headphones. Video conferencing Lawrence. Even in rest homes. Because the end of ISDN services is a end that posed the system in the multimedia systems communications data link. more info :, video conference

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